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Message from the Chair

Dear Members:   

We hope you are as excited as we are for all of the programming and events the Association of Corporate Counsel has scheduled for this upcoming fall. As you know, all roads will lead to the ACC Annual Meeting in Washington, DC on October 15-18. We look forward to seeing you and would like to invite you to our committee luncheon on Tuesday, October 17. I cannot emphasize enough how much we would like to meet you.

Let me take this opportunity to solicit your interest in participating as a chair or vice-chair in real estate committee leadership. Serving in a leadership role on our committee is a great way to develop your leadership skills, network and participate in community service opportunities. Further, many of our committee leaders go on to participate in ACC’s national organizational leadership. If you are interested in making a lasting impact on the ACC, I recommend that you attend our committee lunch where we will provide you with additional information about our leadership positions.

As I have mentioned before, the ACC is an incredibly collegial group and we want you to get to know us too. In this month’s newsletter, we feature three member profiles: Jennifer Chen, K Royal, and Jennifer Mailander. Look for their name badges at the Annual Meeting and be sure to say hello.

Dawn Haghighi Chair Real Estate Committee -
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Member Profiles

K Royal, Director, TrustArc
Chair, ACC IT, Privacy & eCommerce Committee
Vice-Chair, ACC Health Law Committee

Could you tell us a little bit about your current position and professional history?


I am a privacy attorney and a director with TrustArc.  Privacy law is currently one of the hottest legal practices and there is a growing need for company privacy officers. As a former Registered Nurse, I found the migration to privacy law a natural move and I often consider myself a square peg in a square hole. Not much keeps me up at night other than the sheer workload. There is a lot of personal data being collected and used globally by thousands of companies and not all of this collection and use is strictly legal. It is challenging for companies to balance between their business needs and the expectations of individuals or the government.


I held previous positions as a global privacy attorney in medical device and technology companies, both established and start-ups. My first in-house position was in 2012 with Align Technology, makers of Invisalign.


What positions have you held within ACC? What other organizations are you involved in?


After going in-house, I became active in ACC late in 2012 when I joined the leadership of the Health Law Committee (serving as publications chair and membership chair and currently vice-chair). I later became active in the IT Committee, the Privacy Committee, and the eCommerce committee, of which I am currently the chair.  


My professional activities center around ACC and the International Association of Privacy Professionals, in which I am also active in a number of leadership activities. On a local level, I am involved with my State and County bar, namely in diversity and inclusivity activities. I also teach a Legal Basics Course and a Privacy Course at my alma mater, the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University.

In-house and industry counsel speakers will explore the policy and enforcement priorities of the Trump administration and highlight key states with active environmental programs.  This panel will look at how a variety of regulatory issues at the federal, state and municipal level have been impacted by the Trump administration’s priorities.  Attendees will learn how to effectively navigate the new federal regime’s priorities, and deal with states with varying environmental policies and enforcement postures.


What are your personal interests?


I started competing in Mrs. Pageants in 2016 and I am currently Ms. North America Universal Elegance. Pageants are a new thing to me and they fit with my need to get fit and healthy – I am competitive but not athletic. So this is definitely competitive, competing against married women, many of whom are half my age!


What advice would you give to in-house attorneys interested in taking on greater leadership roles?


My advice is live out loud. Life is too short to be in a job where you cannot be yourself. Be uniquely and unapologetically yourself. 




Jennifer Mailander
Senior Counsel, Director, Privacy & Compliance, comScore, Inc.
Vice-Chair, ACC Council of Committees


Could you tell us a little bit about your professional history?


On August 28th, I began my new job as Senior Counsel, Director Privacy and Compliance for comScore in Reston, VA.  I’m very excited about this new opportunity and looking forward to working with a very impressive legal team under Carol DiBattiste, General Counsel & Chief Compliance, Privacy and People Officer and Amy Yeung, Deputy General Counsel.


Prior to accepting this new position I worked for CSC in the role of Associate General Counsel Director, Compliance and Privacy for the past 10 years.  At CSC I worked on business and legal initiatives, including complex commercial contracts, compliance, and privacy-related matters.


Why did you decide to join ACC? What positions have you held within ACC?


When I moved to Wilmington, DE from Chicago I was looking for a way to meet people.  ACC made the most sense because I’ve always loved the programming and it helps me meet my CLE requirements.  I contacted the ACC Education group to find out how to get more involved.  They suggested joining a committee.  There was an opening on the Litigation Committee and suddenly, I was the new co-chair for webcasts.  I ultimately became the Vice Chair and then Chair of the Committee.  I’ve been very active in ACC for the past 10 years and I am currently the Vice Chair and incoming Chair of the Counsel of Committees.  As a result, I have the great privilege to work with leaders from all of the ACC committees. 


What is the Women in the House (WITH) global initiative?  How were you involved with the creation of WITH?


In 2014, I was invited to attend a focus group to discuss a potential women’s group for ACC and what it might look like. Several conference calls later and a lot of amazing work by Jen Chen (ACC Foundation) and Tori Payne and Women In The House (WITH) was created.    The mission of WITH is to foster the development of women as in-house counsel; support and engage women in their professional roles; and champion recognition of women in the legal profession throughout the world.


What do you particularly enjoy about your work with ACC and WITH?


One of my favorite things to do is help people connect and network.  There is something so satisfying to see people meet and finding out they have a great deal in common. My work with the ACC committees and WITH has provided me with fantastic opportunities to help people make these connections. 


What advice would you give to in-house attorneys interested in taking on greater leadership roles?


My advice is to talk to and listen to those around you.  Many of us get to a leadership position because we are good task masters and good at getting things done. With a leadership role, you still need to help get things done, but it’s important to step up out of the weeds and see what people are thinking and saying.  You need to have a diverse perspective to help you see the bigger picture.  It’s also okay to ask for guidance and help. 

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ACC Staff Spotlight

Meet Jennifer Chen
Director, ACC Foundation

Jennifer Chen has a long history of working on special events in the non-profit sector. From volunteering and helping to manage logistics for political fundraisers, concerts and marches on the National Mall, to managing artist logistics and production for an international jazz festival, she has brought unique experiences and networks to her role as Director of the ACC Foundation.  

Jennifer began her career as a consultant working on various special events in the sports, entertainment and political industries, and turned her focus to bar association events after joining the Minority Corporate Counsel Association in 2003. Over the next 10 years, Jennifer rose to MCCA’s vice president of external relations, overseeing events that generated more than $2 million annually.

While exploring her interest in working for a corporate foundation, Jennifer learned that ACC planned to re-start its long-dormant Foundation and was thrilled to join the Foundation as the new director in March 2014.

In addition to being the Foundation’s Director and developing its line of programing and events, she has worked to redevelop the mission of the Foundation with a focus on research, leadership, professional development and diversity. Creating unique programs and events that engage ACC members and non-members alike, she is ensuring that participants find tremendous value and opportunity in attending the Foundation’s programs. 

An example lies in the Foundation’s “The Care & Feeding of In-House Counsel” dinner discussion series, which brings together corporate legal leaders and lawyers from private practice to share thought leadership on in-house/outside counsel relationships as well as cultivate substantive business connections. This year alone, the “Care & Feeding” series has hosted 58 general counsels and 60 lawyers from private practice. Women made up more than 40 percent of the participants, and diverse attorneys made up more than half of all attendees - intentional by design. 

“My goal for the Foundation” Jennifer says, “is much broader than putting together special events. My role is to help more people get a seat at the table. Women and minorities still lag behind in terms of salary and professional advancement. It’s at the core of the Foundation’s mission to help provide opportunities to overcome that.”

It’s along those lines that the Foundation launched its global women’s initiative, Women in the House (WITH), which seeks to foster the professional development of women, support and engage women in their professional roles; and champion full and equal recognition of women in the legal profession all over the globe. As part of the WITH initiative, The Foundation hosted the Global Women in Law & Leadership (GWILL) program this past June at the United Nations in New York City. The event addressed many workplace issues faced by female lawyers while also celebrating the accomplishments of global women leaders.

Jennifer’s vision for the Foundation’s future is infectious. In addition to the upcoming 4th Annual Corporate Counsel Classic in October, the Foundation’s flagship event, she is looking forward to next summer’s Global Women in Law and Leadership program—scheduled for June 19, 2018 at the United Nations. This is the third year for the Global Women in Law and Leadership event, with each year proving to be more dynamic and inspiring that the last. 

For additional information on how you can participate in the ACC Foundation’s programs, please visit


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Save the Date! ACC Annual Meeting Programs

2017 ACC Annual Meeting, October 15-18 (Washington, DC.)

Even if you already selected your educational sessions, you still have time to retrieve and edit your registration statement and attend the Real Estate lunch meeting and the Real Estate educational programs listed below.

Monday 10/16 4:30PM – 6PM

402 - Preparing Your Facility for an Unannounced Environmental/Safety Government Agency Inspection
Presented by the ACC Environmental & Sustainability and Real Estate Committees
Increasingly stringent US environmental and safety laws and regulations are making compliance efforts more burdensome and resource-intensive. This panel will illustrate these challenges through the depiction of a mock, unannounced environmental and safety agency inspection of a facility. Starting with facility preparation and continuing with the surprise inspection, panelists will work with audience volunteers to play key roles during this exercise. Panelists will also explore how to proceed if the surprise inspection is being conducted pursuant to a search warrant.

Tuesday 10/17 9AM – 10:30AM
509 - Advanced Issues in Leasing
Presented by the ACC Real Estate Committee. Moderated by Elena Antonetti, Executive Counsel at Travelers & Programs & Publications Chair of ACC Real Estate Committee
In this hands-on session, experienced real estate attorneys will discuss and draft advanced lease clauses. Learn about tax clauses (e.g., disparate tenant claims to tax abatements, lender tax escrows, and tax protest funding); common area maintenance and operating expenses (e.g., audit rights, escalation caps, and maintenance versus improvements); exclusivity and restricted-use clauses (e.g., mixed-use challenges, density issues, and subleasing restrictions); and condemnation and indemnification clauses (e.g., material impact, partial abatement of critical use areas, damage award reservation, interplay with insurance policies, and available remedies). This interactive session promises hypothetical scenarios and checklists to engage participants

Tuesday 10/17 11AM – 12:30PM
605 - CFPB & HUD’s Oversight of Real Estate Issues—A Regulator’s Perspective
Presented by the ACC Real Estate and Financial Services Committees. Moderated by Dawn Haghighi, General Counsel at PCV Murcor & Chair of ACC Real Estate Committee and Raghu Nandan, General Counsel at Sunstreet Mortgage & Vice-Chair of ACC Real Estate Committee
This interactive panel discussion with regulators from the US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and Housing and Urban Development (HUD) will give an overview of the regulatory environment for the real estate industry. Whether you are in-house at a fund that offers financing for loan programs, or at a title company offering escrow services, you will want to hear what this panel has to say. Topics will include regulatory issues surrounding single-family and multi-family housing, as well as regulation of housing assistance programs offered by HUD.


Tuesday 10/17 12:45PM – 2:15PM
Real Estate Committee Lunch
All ACC members are invited! You don’t have to be a committee member to attend and attendance doesn’t mean you have to make a time commitment. Participation in ACC Committees offers an opportunity to benchmark with peers and recognized industry leaders. We encourage you to attend any of the committee business breakfast or lunch meetings to learn more about the broad range of activities offered. These meetings, limited to ACC members, also present an opportunity to participate in planning future Annual Meeting programming.

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The Real Estate Committee is over 2,000 members strong, and one of our best resources is each other. The eGroup postings are a forum for members to exchange ideas, share best practices, template forms, and many other resources. Members may submit eGroup inquiries, and any member may respond. If you are concerned about using your name, you may respond anonymously. As a reminder, eGroup responses are informational only, and are not considered legal advice or counsel.  We highly recommend that you take advantage of this resource. Postings may be found here.

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Aspiring Writers

Real Estate Committee members who are interested in authoring a blog post, an on-line article or an ACC Docket article should contact Darryl Austin at

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Call for Resource Library Suggestions

We want to hear from you! What forms, templates or tutorials would you like added to the Resource Library.  Please email your requests to Elena

In addition, every month ACC hosts a webcasts that goes over how to search the Resource Library and explains all that it offers. It is a 30-min presentation and the archived version of the November presentation can be found at here.


Call for Legal Quick Hit Topics.

What programs would you like to see presented as a legal quick hit? Please email your requests to Elena  I
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