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Message from the Chair

It was great to see and meet so many of you at the 2016 ACC Annual Meeting in San Francisco this past month. In addition to the great programs and content, I always appreciate connecting with and learning from my colleagues and peers across the world at this event. I came away with new insights and ideas, recharged and ready to tackle the coming year anew.  If you have ideas for next year’s meeting in Washington, DC (or the mid-year meeting that will take place in April in New York), please let me know – our best ideas come when our members are actively contributing.

I’ve spent the last month in Shanghai helping the American Football League of China work through a moment of transition, and China continues to amaze me. From a weekend trip to scout an expansion team in industrial Zhengzhou in Henan province to a brief vacation to breathtaking Zhangjiajie, there is so much of our world to see, learn from and explore. I find that doing so helps keep me energized and on my toes as a lawyer, and spurs new thoughts and ideas for innovation.  It is so important to get out and see the reality in our companies and environment – getting away from our desks helps focus us on the real issues and solutions.

Our committee’s leadership team has been remarkably stable over time, with an appropriate amount of new thoughts and ideas flowing in – I appreciate the efforts of the entire team and encourage you to reach out and get more involved. Whether through our e-groups, attending our monthly calls, or actively getting involved in committee leadership, every minute put into ACC yields much more in output for my professional development and success – and it can for you, too! Our focus this year is on you – tailoring our content to member-driven priorities and generating value for your membership.

Thank you for participating in the LDMC, and let us know how we can continue to better serve you.
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Law Department Management Committee Leadership Team

Welcome and congratulations to the LDMC Leadership Team for 2016-2017:


Matt Nolan

Vice Chair

Stephen Roth


Dan Winslow

Immediate Past Chair

Steven Mashal

Communications Chair

Jason Reyes



Programs Chair

Timothy Phillips


Abraham Mertins

Webcasts Chair

Mark Smolik



Publications Chair

Jeff Brown


Dan Ehrlich

Chapters Liaison

Stephanie Lambert

Membership Chair

Lorne O'Reilly

Strategies & Operations Chair

Jennifer Nelson

Advocacy Chair

Todd Etzler

GC/CLO Chair

Kelly Slavitt

Please feel free to reach out to any of us with questions or ideas!
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List of Upcoming Events

December 14, 2016 - Top 10 Post-US Presidential Election Tips for Law Departments

December 15, 2016 - Continuous Improvement and Value: How to Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk
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Sponsor Highlights

Seyfarth Shaw

Hello LDMC Members,

It was great to meet and mingle with so many of you at the ACC Annual Meeting in San Francisco.  We had a great time role playing at the “Lawyer or Leader? The Human Resources Side of Managing a Legal Department” event. Thanks to the team, comprised of the Law Department Management Committee and leading in-house counsel, we were able to identify warning signs and offer practical solutions for law department managers to diffuse personal conflicts and manage career expectations not to mention have loads of fun putting our acting skills to the test.

Our cocktail reception held in conjunction with the Law Department Management Committee was a blast. We enjoyed connecting with so many of the LDMC members both at the cocktail hour and Seyfarth Shaw booth. In case you missed our booth, instead of telling booth visitors what we do, we gave them an opportunity to talk about their experiences and tell us their feelings on finding, retaining and working with their outside counsel. The results were fascinating. Of those that participated:

  • Nearly 60% are happy with their experience with outside counsel at the outset of their legal engagement
  • 54% are happy with the level of collaboration with their outside counsel
  • 48% are neutral when it comes to managing the work with their outside counsel, citing communication as a major pain point
  • 70% are unhappy with the entire billing process

We were honored that so many of you stopped by and participated in the largest legal industry scorecard.

Looking forward, be sure to attend the December 14 monthly LDMC meeting. The Legal Quick Hit, “Top 10 Post-US Presidential Election Tips for Law Departments,” will cover the president elect’s top priorities and expected changes.  The 2016 Presidential race has been unlike any we have seen before and could impact (a) all workplaces and (b) business as usual.

On December 15 at 1:00 ET, please join us for the webinar:  “Continuous Improvement and Value:  How to Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk.” Kevin Backus, Senior VP and General Counsel at ThyssenKrupp, and Lisa Damon, Partner at Seyfarth Shaw and leader of their SeyfarthLean program, will help you learn how to speak the language of continuous improvement and how lean thinking and tools are relevant and practical to legal.

We look forward to the rest of 2016 and ringing in the new year. Happy Holidays!
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2016 ACC Annual Meeting - San Francisco UPDATE

LDMC Programs at the Annual Meeting

The 2016 ACC Annual Meeting went off with a bang!  One highlight was the LDMC business meeting which featured a presentation by Lisa Damon, representing LDMC sponsor Seyfarth Shaw, on improving personnel management.  Additionally, LDMC presented six programs this year on a range of topics:

  • The In-house Counsel’s Bottom Line – Running Your Law Department Like a Business Owner
  • Raising the Bar for Law Firms – How to Move Outside into Integrating and Delivering Managed Services
  • Beyond the Playbook: Assessing and Implementing Tools and Processes to Efficiently Provide Information When You and Your Clients Need It
  • Culture Wars – Strategies, Tactics and Techniques for Managing Legal Operations Engagement on a Global Scale
  • Lawyer or Leader? – The Human Resources Side of Managing a Legal Department
  • A Leader’s Guide to Delegating Legal Work:  Stratifying Legal Services and Expanding the Role of Non-Lawyers in your Department

Planning has already begun for the 2017 annual meeting, so if you have topics you would like to see covered or ideas for programs, please forward them on to Timothy Phillips,
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Ready to Volunteer?

The Law Department Management Committee still has availability for members to volunteer, so if you wish to volunteer your services for any of the LDMC activities/events, please email Lorne O'Reilly,
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ACC Voice of the Member Survey

ACC is embarking on a strategic planning project to help guide the association in the next five years.  The ACC Voice of Member Survey was released to all members on November 1 and our survey partner, Axiom, resent the survey to all members earlier this week. Please check your inbox to access the survey.

By participating in the survey, you will help us develop our strategic plan to forge an even stronger and more vital ACC to better serve our members – and their organizations - around the world.

And to thank you for your time, if you complete the survey by December 14, you will receive a complimentary copy of the ACC Global Work-Life Balance Report or an Gift Card.

Thank you in advance for sharing your feedback on the future of ACC. The survey responses will strengthen the value of your ACC membership.
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LDMC Chair: Matt Nolan
LDMC Secretary: Dan Winslow               
LDMC Publications Subcommittee Co-Chairpersons: Jeff Brown, Dan Ehrlich
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