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Message from Chair
Steven Mashal, Corporate Counsel, American Council on Exercise, Chair, LDMC

I just returned from attending the Law Department Leadership 2.0 one day program in Calgary. It was great to share time with fellow leaders of their legal departments and those interested in being leaders. The speakers were engaging and there were plenty of practical tips provided. It was also very nice to get to know many people from Canada who were attending. While our businesses we may operate in different countries, or even in many countries, we all share similar struggles to provide value from our legal departments, to use technology to its fullest potential, to control outside legal spend, to be a trusted advisor and still make it enjoyable to do our jobs. Attending this program showed me once again how valuable my membership with the ACC is. Their resources are top notch and every committee and their sponsors try to keep them up to date. The wisdom of the crowd is incredible and many times during the program good pieces of advice came from the attendees which only added to the already great information provided by the panel members. I was also able to make some good connections by attending. I am constantly reminded that I get even more from the ACC when I actively participate. I hope to see more of our members at these great events. I can tell you that planning is already underway for the fall Law Department Leadership 2.0 Program in September in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I hope many of you can participate in this and all the other great ACC events.
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List of Upcoming Events

June 8:            
One Company’s Leadership Journey—Making Leadership an Integral Part of the Culture

June 15:          
More Conversations with Ben W. Heineman ,Jr.on the Inside Counsel

June 21:         
Avoiding the Dotted Line to the CEO: Why CLO Reporting Structure is Important (Roundtable Discussion)

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Sponsor Highlights
Seyfarth Shaw LLP

Hello LDMC Members,

It’s hard to believe we’re already five months into 2016! We hope you’ve been able to take advantage of the business leadership and practical, business advice threaded through this year’s programming. If you’ve missed a meeting or webcast, be sure to log in to the LDMC home page  to gain access to past presentations. Be sure to check the LDMC events regularly. Over the summer, programming will include more great tips for business leadership.

In keeping with our commitment to bring you things that our clients or Seyfarth Shaw may be doing that is relevant to your lives in law department management, we’d like to share with you the following:

First, Seyfarth Shaw has released the 17th annual edition of Cal-Peculiarities: How California Employment Law is Different. Authored by Seyfarth’s California Workplace Solutions Group, this nearly 300-page guide reflects the breadth and depth of Seyfarth’s California employment practice and focuses entirely on the most vexing aspects of California employment law. It captures the latest legislative, judicial and regulatory developments which continue to make California the most uniquely challenging environment for private employers in the United States. Access more information or request an  eBook.

Second, as early as next week, the Department of Labor is expected to issue its final rule implementing revisions to the regulations governing the application of the FLSA’s “white collar” exemptions from overtime and minimum wage. Seyfarth Shaw will be keeping you up-to-date on the latest developments through a number of resources, including our Wage Hour Blog and a webinar to be held on Monday, May 16, at 2:00 p.m. EDT (11:00 a.m. PDT, 12:00 p.m. MDT, 1:00 p.m. CDT). Alex Passantino, former Acting Wage & Hour Administrator, along with other of our most experienced wage and hour practitioners will be discussing these rules and their impact on employers. We have also created an exclusive update series for the latest developments on the rule. LDMC members are invited to register for the webinar and  join the FLSA Overtime Exemption Rules update group. 

Lastly, Seyfarth has released the third edition of its Middle-Market M&A SurveyBook of Key M&A Deal Terms. The Survey analyzes over 200 middle-market (<$1 billion) publicly available private target acquisition agreements signed in 2015. The survey analyzes private target acquisitions agreements in the middle market space. The Survey focuses on the key deal terms comprising the “indemnity package” often included in private target acquisition agreements to address the issue of a seller’s potential post-closing liability to a buyer and defining the scope by which the purchase price paid to a seller may be clawed back by a buyer. View Seyfarth’s 2016 Middle-Market M&A SurveyBook.

We hope you find this information helpful. We look forward to a busy summer with the LDMC. Be sure to attend the monthly meetings.

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ACC Annual Meeting - San Francisco
LDMC Programs at the Annual Meeting

The ACC Annual Meeting takes place this fall in the City by the Bay October 16-19. Join the World’s Largest Gathering of In-house Counsel to network, obtain CLE/CPD requirements, attend the Law Department Management Committee Business meeting, and even have some fun at the evening receptions. LDMC will have six programs this year on a range of topics:

  • The In-house Counsel’s Bottom Line – Running Your Law Department Like a Business Owner
  • Raising the Bar for Law Firms – How to Move Outside into Integrating and Delivering Managed Services
  • Beyond the Playbook: Assessing and Implementing Tools and Processes to Efficiently Provide Information When You and Your Clients Need It
  • Culture Wars – Strategies, Tactics and Techniques for Managing Legal Operations Engagement on a Global Scale
  • Lawyer or Leader? – The Human Resources Side of Managing a Legal Department
  • A Leader’s Guide to Delegating Legal Work: Stratifying Legal Services and Expanding the Role of Non-Lawyers in your Department

This is the event to attend and as I have been fortunate enough to attend the last three Annual Meetings I can tell you that it really does get better each year.

Don’t wait to register, but if you want to learn more about the Annual Meeting, be sure and attend our August Monthly Meeting where our Legal Quick Hit segment will feature more information about the programs LDMC will offer as well as those from other committees.

Steven Mashal, Corporate Counsel, American Council on Exercise, Chair, LDMC
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GC/CLO Resources

My topic for this month, is Project Management.  Please review the associated ACC resource.

As law department managers, we frequently have technical experts but who need more support when it comes to being a project manager – these skills are simply not taught in law school.  That can lead to very good lawyers failing on projects, or being perceived by our clients as not “closing the deal”.  The key elements in this presentation I wanted to highlight are the importance of putting together a project management plan that includes:

  1. Deliverables
  2. Timings (both for deliverables, and for meetings to keep the project on track)
  3. Identification of cross functional work streams needed (including naming project leaders)
  4. Brainstorming as to potential obstacles and contingencies
  5. Managing organizational politics
  6. Interfacing with Management

The ACC resource is from the Annual Europe Conference last year.

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions please reach out to me at

Kelly Slavitt, Vice President and General Counsel - North America & Food,Reckitt Benckiser LLC, LDMC GC/CLO Chair
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Ready to Volunteer?

The Law Department Management Committee still has availability for members to volunteer, so if you wish to volunteer your services for any of the LDMC activities/events, please email or call Steven Mashal at (858) 576-6544,
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LDMC Chair: Steven Mashal       

LDMC Secretary: Darren Dragovich                           

Editor-in-Chief: Jeff Brown, Esq.
Associate General Counsel, TELUS International
LDMC Publications Subcommittee Co-Chairperson

Jason M. Brocks, Esq.
Assistant General Counsel, Benecard
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