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Chair's Message:

If you’ve ever taken a marketing class, you’re familiar with the concept of a value proposition. It’s the mix of benefits that positions your offering. As in-house counsel, we want value from outside counsel and vendors, our internal clients want value from us, and our company’s customers want value from our company. The New to In-House Committee has started on the path to finding the right mix of benefits for you during your first five years in house, and we’re committed to continuing down that path in 2016.

Last year we passed a milestone by releasing our New to In-House Guide. We hope to pass additional milestones in 2016 by focusing on two things: practical advice for starting up your in-house career, and the legal basics for those areas you need to handle for the first time after starting in house. If you’re looking for a deep dive into ERISA, the nitty-gritty of a FCPA compliance program, or a detailed explanation of EU privacy law, you will probably need to look somewhere else. But if you want to learn the basic things to look for in a contract, processes for handling incoming subpoenas and civil complaints, or what company characteristics will be important to your in-house work, we hope our programming will help. There’s also value to connecting with others who can relate to your new-to-in-house struggles, so we’ll have a bit of that too.

Our goal is to get you off to a good start to your in-house career by helping you learn about some of the known unknowns and identify some of the unknown unknowns of the in-house world. We hope you’ll join us for the trip and let us know both when we’re doing a great job and when we’re off the path. Hopefully your in-house career will advance this year along with the Committee’s ability to help you in that career.

Christopher Nowack
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List of Upcoming Events:

New to In-House Committee Call

"Contract Fundamentals for the In-House Lawyer Part 3"

March 16, 2016, 3:00 PM EST, 7:00 PM GMT

New to In-House Committee Call

April 20, 2016, 3:00 PM EST, 7:00 PM GMT

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Current Leadership:

Christopher Nowack

Ryan Evans

Kimberly Waite

Sara Sweeney
Communications Co-Chair

Lindsey-Shannon Lee
Communications Co-Chair

Aref Wardak
Program Chair

Sylvia Harris
Membership Co-Chair

Donald  Choi
Membership Co-Chair

Tyrone Thomas
Annual Meetings Co-Chair

Shakara Barnes
Annual Meetings Co-Chair

Sabrina Gilman
Immediate Past Chair

Linda Sharp
Immediate Past Chair

The New to In-House Committee is currently recruiting for the following positions:

Chapter Liaison Chair
The Chapter Liaison Chair is responsible for organizing and producing programs and events, and implementing Strategic Plan objectives that are developed and presented in conjunction with ACC Chapters. 

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2016 ACC Corporate Counsel University (CCU)

New to In-house? Are you prepared?

The ACC Corporate Counsel University® (June 12–14, San Diego) combines practical fundamentals with career-building opportunities, which will help you excel in your in-house role. Come to this unrivaled event to gain valuable insight from experienced in-house counsel, earn CLE/CPD credits (including ethics credits and specialty credits), and build relationships and expand your network of peers. Register at

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The following is a list of documents recently added to the ACC Resource Center relevant to your work:

Legal Quick Hit: Contract Fundamentals for the US In-House Lawyer Part 1 (Saul Ewing LLP)

Presentation: Guide to Outsourcing Legal Services

Top Ten: Top Ten Cases Involving Ethical Issues for In-House Counsel (Meritas)

Presentation: Back to Basics: Leadership Skills for In-house Counsel

Survey: ACC Chief Legal Officers (CLO) 2016 Survey

Presentation: Show Me What You Do! Demonstrating the Value Add of Your Legal Department

Presentation: The General Counsel, a Trusted Business Advisor 

Article: Character matters: Character Dimensions’ Impact on Leader Performance and Outcomes

Webcast: The Mindset, Skills, and Behaviors of High Performing Women  
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Saul Ewing LLP introduces two new programs for in-house counsel:

Higher Education

The Higher Education Practice is excited to introduce our new educational CLE series: CYCLE by Saul – Covering Your Campus’s Legal Education. CYCLE by Saul will provide regularly occurring legal education courses to in-house counsel and senior management of higher education institutions. Our CYCLE by Saul series will cover a broad range of core topics from Title IX to intellectual property.  To learn more about this brand new program, click here.

Startups and Entrepreneurs

Saul Ewing provides emerging companies with the support and practical direction they need to move their businesses forward. Through the firm’s RAMPTM (Resources, Access and Mentoring Program) initiative, clients are able to take advantage of key resources, access to capital and mentoring as they navigate the path from idea to reality.

RAMP takes a multi-pronged, holistic approach to addressing the legal and business needs of startup companies. Value-added services for clients include:

  • Access to the firm’s Investor in Residence

  • Legal guidance beyond the firm’s office through local office hours at universities and incubators

  • Educational programming centered around significant issues and questions facing entrepreneurs

  • Networking opportunities and connections to capital sources

  • Alternative financial packages designed specifically for clients’ individual needs

To learn more about RAMP, click here.

Developments in Employment Law

Employers have been buffeted over the last several years by significant changes in labor and employment laws at the federal, state and local levels, and 2015 was no exception. We have analyzed some of the more significant developments. To read more, click here.   
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