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Updates From ACC Committees

Message from the Chair

Hello ILA Committee members around the world and welcome to the first edition of the International Legal Affairs Committee newsletter!

Here in London the flowering trees have started to bloom, heralding the imminent arrival of spring, despite the unusually high number of storms we have been having this winter – we’re up to Storm “Imogen” here.  I hope that the long, cold, lonely winter (Northern hemisphere folks) / the long, hot summer (Southern Hemisphere folks) is finishing up where you are and that we’ll all be enjoying a calmer and more pleasant time of year soon.

The ILA Committee leadership team and I would like to thank our Communications Chair, Tracey Poisal Rice, for her hard work and dedication to getting this first newsletter over the line.  We are delighted that we have this opportunity to speak with you directly about Committee activities and plans and to seek your feedback and help with making our Committee a great resource for all its members.

As you will see when you scan the list of leadership team members in this newsletter, there are several open positions on the leadership team.  If you would be interested in joining the leadership team, please contact me or another member of the team to discuss the role which interests you and your thoughts on what you would like to accomplish in that role.

We look forward to keeping in touch with you and to working together to make this a great year for each and every member of the Committee!

Kind regards and best wishes,

Sara A. Biro
Chair, International Legal Affairs Committee

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International Legal Affairs Committee Leadership Team

Welcome and congratulations to the ILA Committee Leadership Team for 2015-2016:

Chair: Sara Biro

Vice‐Chair: Rudy Rivera

Secretary: Emma Sharpe

Assistant Secretary: [OPEN]

Legal Resources Subcommittee Co-Chair: Michelle Beckers

Legal Resources Subcommittee Co-Chair: Daniel Coll

Legal Resources Subcommittee Co-Chair: Naja Regan

Membership Co-Chair: Sabrina Martinez

Membership Co-Chair: Emilee Terry

Annual Meeting Program Co-Chair: Charles Wilkinson

Annual Meeting Program Co-Chair: Jayne Rothman

Communications Chair: Tracey Poisal Rice

Communications Co-Chair: [OPEN]

ACC and Sponsor Liaison Chair: [OPEN]

ACC Advocacy Liaison Chair: [OPEN]

ACC Middle East Chapter Committee Liaison: Monica Palko

ACC Europe Chapter Committee Liaison: Carol Herzog

Latin America Committee Liaison:  Lilia Rose

U.S. Chapters Liaison: [OPEN]

ILA Committee Liaison to ACC Committees: [OPEN]

ILA Committee Liaison to ABA International Committee and Immediate Past Chair: Alicia Ashfield

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Annual Meeting 2015 Recap, Annual Meeting 2016 Programs

The ILA Committee sponsored six sessions at the 2015 Annual Meeting.  Up to 22% of the attendees at those sessions were from outside the United States.  Here are the numbers:

Session #202 - When Common Law Isn’t So Common: Drafting Enforceable Agreements in Civil Law and Other Jurisdictions, attended by 172 people.

Session #205 - Don’t Just Put Out the Fires: Managing Anti-corruption Long-term and Across Borders, attended by 124 people

Session #905 - Yes Means No: The Cultural Aspects of Doing Business in Foreign Jurisdictions, attended by 92 people.

Session #308 - Roadmap for a Successful International Law Department, attended by 81 people.

Session #405 - Crisis Management and Exit Strategies For When Things Go Wrong in Foreign Countries, attended by 74 people.

Session #605 - Tracing Assets to Enforce Judgments Outside the United States, attended by 65 people.

At the beginning of January, the ILA Committee submitted 8 proposed programs to the ACC for the 2016 ACC Annual Meeting.   We have been informed that five of those programs have been selected for presentation at the Annual Meeting and that we have opportunities to co-sponsor two other programs.  

Details are as follows:

105 - Managing an International Reduction in Force

Co-sponsored with the ACC Employment & Labor Committee

Track: Employment and Labor

210 - Crossing the Line: How to Manage Privacy Programs in the US and Canada

Co-sponsored with the ACC Health Law Committee

Track: Health Law

404 - Is that what “VAT” means?! Introduction to International Tax Issues – What In-House Lawyers Need to Know

Presented by the ACC International Legal Affairs Committee

Track: Corporate and Securities

406 - Protecting Against and Successfully Responding to International Cyberattacks

Presented by the ACC International Legal Affairs Committee

Track: Technology (Privacy Spotlight)

503 - Developing a Multijurisdictional Strategy for Protecting Attorney-client Privilege

Presented by the ACC International Legal Affairs Committee

Track: Litigation and Dispute Resolution

607 - “Cultural I”: Emotional and Ethical Intelligence in International Negotiations

Presented by the ACC International Legal Affairs Committee

Track: Law Department Management

704 - Managing Subsidiaries in Europe and Asia

Presented by the ACC International Legal Affairs Committee

Track: Corporate and Securities

The ILA Committee is also exploring opportunities to collaborate on the following programs:

911 - David vs. Goliath: How to Overcome Obstacles From All Sides in Your Supply Chain Negotiations

811 - Crisis Abroad: Protecting Your Global Workforce
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Committee Member News

Congratulations to the following ILA Committee members on election to the ACC Board of Directors:

L. Shawn Cheadle

Ona Alston Dosunmu

Simon Fish

Daniel Harper

Maarten Scholten

Jo Anne Schwendinger

Alan Tse

Congratulations also go out to M. Terrell Menefee, Corporate Counsel – Contracts and Compliance, at The Smithers Group, for winning the $50 Visa Debit gift card that ILA Committee members who participated in the ILA Committee survey were eligable to win.

Many thanks to all of you who participated in the survey.  The ILA Committee leadership team took your thoughts and comments on the programs which the ILA Committee should offer its members into account when we came up with our proposed programs for the ACC Annual Meeting and are continuing to incorporate your ideas and views into our legal resource planning for this year.
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Did you see….

ILA Committee member Bernadette Chala’s article on California’s Proposition 65 in the November 2015 issue of the Docket?

If you have published an article or have other news to share, please email Tracey Poisal Rice, ILA Committee Communications Chair, to include your news in the next Quarterly ILA Committee Newsletter.
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A Little Learning…

Starting March 23, 2016, the European Community Trade Mark is getting a makeover and becoming the European Union Trade Mark. This article will bring you up to speed on the upcoming key changes, including EUTM fee structures, application formalities and trademark opposition grounds and reminds you that it is important to review your EUTMs to ensure that you have the necessary level of protection. 

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Events of Interest

  •  Please join us for the ILA Committee monthly calls on March 10, April 14, May 12 and June 9, 2016.  We will be announcing the Legal Quick Hits for those calls in the coming weeks.

  •  Are you planning to attend the ACC Mid-Year Meeting in New York City (April 10-12)?  The ILA Committee is sponsoring Session 501 “Contracting with Public Entities.”  The session will cover recent developments in public procurement within and outside of the US, strategies government contract counsel use to manage the imbalance in power between negotiating parties, and tips to address the geopolitical factors in contracting with public entities.

  • The ACC Europe Chapter is holding its Annual Conference this year from 22 – 24 May 2016 in Rome, Italy.  In response to feedback and requests from the Chapter’s members, the Annual Conference program is focusing this year as much on “soft” skills and professional development as on “technical catch-ups”.  If you are in Rome when the Annual Conference is occurring, we encourage you to attend the excellent programs which the ACC Europe Chapter members present and to network with your ACC Europe Chapter peers.

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Sidley Austin, ILA Committee Sponsor

Sidley Austin LLP is the exclusive sponsor of the ILAC. With 1,900 lawyers in 19 offices worldwide, Sidley has built a reputation as a premier legal adviser for global businesses and financial institutions. Sidley has for the sixth year in a row received the most first-tier national rankings in the U.S. News – Best Lawyers® “Best Law Firms” survey. On Law360’s list of Global 20 Firms, Sidley was ranked among the top law firms “with the greatest global reach and expertise.” Click here to see Sidley Updates and Newsletters. For information on Sidley programs and events, contact Sidley’s liaison to the ACC, Megan Mandeville.
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