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Updates From ACC Committees

Chair's Message

I am pleased to be writing you as the new Chair of ACC's Litigation Committee. Jen Mailander will be a very hard act to follow. Under Jen's stewardship, the Litigation Committee saw a pronounced growth in member engagement with the development of area "micro" events, improved sponsor relationships, and increased focus on developing programs of interest to the committee membership. All of us in the committee owe her a debt of gratitude for her hard work.

As a reminder, the Litigation Committee has an updated charter which I encourage you to take a few minutes to read. A link to the Charter can be found on the committee's web page. It is relatively short, and an easy read. Our charter begins by setting out the committee's mission, which in summary is to provide an organized forum for in-house counsel with responsibility for litigation and litigation management to enhance professionalism through educational opportunities and collaboration, weigh-in on litigation-related legislative or judicial issues, facilitate networking and information sharing among members, and serve as a resource for ACC Chapters.

To serve this mission, the Executive Council and the committee's sponsors, Morrison & Foerster and Navigant Consulting, are already hard at work planning to deliver various resources and programs over the coming year, including for next year's Annual Meeting in San Francisco, California. We could not accomplish all we each year without the support and effort of our sponsors, and they deserve a tremendous round of applause. Look forward to some great programming at our monthly business meetings and Webcasts from our sponsors throughout the year.

And speaking of applause, the unsung heroes behind the committee and everything we do is the dedicated ACC Staff who make it happen. Although there are many cooks in the ACC kitchen, I would like to give special thanks to several individuals at ACC who work with us on a near-daily basis: Tori Payne (Senior Director of Committees), Jean-Baptiste Pessey (Assistant General Counsel), Rachel Okolski (Assistant General Counsel & Managing Attorney), and Victor L. Morales (Legal Resources Manager). Thank you!

I would like to bring special attention to one of our committee¹s resources that we are very excited about ­ the Litigation Committee Blog. I encourage you to check it out here. If you would like to author a piece for the blog, or have questions, please reach out to either Danielle Rawls or Evan Slavitt.

Please do not hesitate to call or email me if you have any questions about or suggestions for our Litigation Committee.

We look forward to a great year.


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Please Visit Our Litigation Committee Blog!

Better still, write for the Litigation Committee's Blog and raise your visibility! By now you have heard a lot about ACC's effort to showcase our members thought leadership and expertise on the ACC In-house ACCess Blogs.

Individual committee members are able to post stories to ACC's main blog, or write a piece as part of a series developed by the committee. And it is a great opportunity to publish without the restrictions and time commitment required of ACC Docket authors.

To review the author guidelines, click here. ACC has also published a production schedule, but we are open to publishing topics that fall outside of the proposed schedule. If you have questions, please reach out to either Danielle Rawls or Evan Slavitt.
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Innovation From The Top

The Litigation Committee is pleased to announce the formation of a Past Chair & Chapter Liaison Council, consisting of former Chairs of the Litigation Committee. We value the advice and guidance that these former Litigation Committee officers bring to the table, welcome their participation and input, and owe them our thanks. The innovative Past Chair & Chapter Liaison Council currently consists (alphabetically) of the following committee members: Wendy Breau, Vincent Castiglione, Jen Mailander, Monica Palko.

If you are a former Litigation Committee Chair, and want to serve on the Past Chair & Chapter Liaison Council, please contact the current Chair, Ed Paulis. In exchange for your voice and ability to tap into your local chapter, we can offer you all the rights and privileges of a non-voting member of the Executive Council, without any of the responsibilities.

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Applause, Applause

Jean-Baptiste Pessey, Assistant General Counsel with ACC, and the Litigation Committee Liaison, proudly announces the newest member of his team, a son, on October 10th. The well wishes of the entire Executive Counsel go out to JB and his family. Congratulations!

The Litigation Committee and New Jersey Chapter hosted a joint 2-hour roundtable discussion on October 6th for local in-house litigators, providing an opportunity to get together and benchmark ideas, concerns and leverage their ACC membership. Committee members Bryon Koepke, Coleman Lechner, and Pamela LaBaj moderated the session.  Special thanks go out to Tori Payne whose efforts pulling this program together are greatly appreciated.

Jen Mailander, former Chair, was interviewed for "Litigation Committee Spotlight" which appeared in the July/August Docket. This informative and interesting article discusses such items as the value the Litigation Committee provides to its members, as well as how participation in the committee has helped her in her career. This is a must read for anyone interested in learning more about the committees, or becoming more actively involved in their leadership teams.

On August 14, 2015, Ed Paulis' interview on the topic "Views on Balancing Inside-Outside Counsel Work" was published in Bloomberg BNA's Corporate Law & Accountability Report (CARE). Ed is a frequent presenter on in-house topics, including recently the Legal Quick Hit: Preparing a Law Department Budget at the New To In-House Committee business meeting on September 16, 2015.
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Upcoming Events

April 10-12        ACC 2016 Mid-Year Meeting in New York City

May 22-24        ACC 2016 Europe Annual Conference in Rome, Italy

Oct. 16-19        ACC 2016 Annual Meeting, in San Francisco
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Litigation Committee's 2015 Member of the Year

The Litigation Committee's annual Award for Excellence was presented this year to Evan Slavitt, Vice President for Business and Legal Affairs at AVX Corporation. Evan, a member of the committee's Executive Council, has consistently contributed to ACC and the committee, and is a frequent author and speaker both within ACC and in other legal industry forums. This past year, Evan lead the Litigation Committee's working group focused on Cybersecurity, which developed a questionnaire and guide to aid in-house counsel in their discussions with outside law firms. Evan also participates in ACC's Cybersecurity working group. Congratulations Evan Slavitt, our Litigation Committee Member-of-the-Year!
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2016 ACC Value Champion Nomination Opportunity

Have you implemented management initiatives resulting in reduced spending, higher predictability, and/or better outcomes? If so, put in a nomination to be a 2016 ACC Value Champion by February 5. We want to shine a spotlight on your successful management tactics, providing ideas and inspiration to others. For more information and to put in a nominations, click here.
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