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Updates From ACC Committees

Message from the Chair
Steven Mashal, Corporate Counse, American Council on Exercise, Chair, LDMC

It has only been a short time since the Annual Meeting in Boston and I am already caught up in the whirl of my day job.  Of course, for most of us our day job often carries over into nights and weekends.  That is why I am so grateful for our dedicated Executive Committee volunteers who support all of our members to make our Committee meet your needs.  With the assistance of the Executive Committee from last year and under the superb leadership of our Immediate Past Chair, Stephanie Shores Lambert, Law Department Management Committee once again was named Large Committee of the Year for 2015.  This is a wonderful achievement and I hope to keep the momentum going into 2016.  I want to thank everyone who helped to make this Committee so special, those who worked on a project, spoke on a panel, wrote an article, and the myriad of other activities that the committee runs.

It was great to meet so many of you at the Annual Meeting in Boston.  If you have not had a chance to attend an Annual Meeting, I urge you to try and do so.  There are continuing education programs to meet everyone’s needs, a chance to talk to vendors and law firms directly and, of course, the opportunity to network with fellow in-house counsel.  I look forward to welcoming many of you next year in San Francisco where the “City by the Bay” will provide the setting for our next Annual Meeting.

Even though it is a little less than a year away, the planning for next Annual Meeting is happening right now.  Every member of the Law Department Management Committee has the opportunity to influence the programs that we as a committee put on.  If you have a particular topic that you would like to see covered, you know a great speaker or would like to speak yourself, please contact either of the Program Co-Chairs or me to tell us about it.

I want to remind everyone what our Immediate Past Chair said at the beginning of her term last year – you get the most out of your membership by participating in activities and then offering up your knowledge and experience to help guide others.  We have room for participation at all levels: attend a monthly meeting and ask a question of our speaker, post a question on our e-Groups list to see if other members can help resolve an issue, write an article for the Docket, volunteer to be a speaker for a panel at the Mid Year Meeting in New York in April or the Annual Meeting in San Francisco.  There are still some openings on the Executive Committee to allow you to get even more involved.  This is your Committee, so whatever you do to add to it will only make you – and the Committee – even better than they already are.

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Annual Meeting - Follow Up
2015 Annual Meeting in Boston

It was a little chilly in Boston for the Annual Meeting, but we definitely did not have a chilly reception!  LDMC put on 5 panels that were all well received.  The Best App Standing and Maximizing Your Executive Presence both had very large audiences.  The two and a half days of programs ran the gamut from surviving an executive scandal, to game shows (Family Feud and Jeopardy were there as well as our very own Sponsor, Seyfarth Shaw’s, “Lego Stratego” game), IP, Contracts, Litigation, Small Law, Large Law, CLO sessions and New to In-house practice.  There really was something for everyone (and at least a year’s worth of continuing legal education if your jurisdiction requires that).  The Expo was great with major publishing, eDiscovery, contracts management and more there as well as law firms from around the world.  And speaking of receptions, the evening gathering put on by Seyfarth Shaw was packed with good drinks, great food and all the best people.  The LDMC business meeting lunch was well attended and we gathered great ideas for more programs for the coming year. We look forward to seeing everyone next year in San Francisco!

Stephen Roth, Vice President & General Counsel, Jewelry Television, Vice-Chair, LDMC
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Best in Class Committee
Stephanie Lambert, Managing Counsel, Staples, Inc., Immediate Past Chair

It was my great pleasure, on behalf of the Law Department Management Committee, to accept the award for Outstanding Large Committee of the Year for the second year in a row at the ACC Annual Meeting in Boston in October!  This acknowledgement by the ACC for the second year in a row comes only as the result of the great teamwork exhibited by everyone on the Executive Committee this past year.  I was honored to serve as the Chair of such a dedicated, creative, fun and collaborative group.  I would like to share with you a few of the highlights from the year that were acknowledged by the ACC in its presentation of the award.

1.  Establishment of a global initiative focused on LDMC member needs and growth.   During the summer of 2015 the Executive Committee revamped the member survey content to address current trends and issues in law department management.  The timely survey results served as the basis for leadership decision making on programs and initiatives throughout the year.  In order to further enhance our focus and our sponsor’s focus on member needs, we also worked in cooperation with ACC staff to review LDMC membership data to create a LDMC member profile.  This profile is available to share with leaders as well as panelists and speakers for LDMC events to help improve focus on member needs.

In January 2015 the Executive Committee initiated a plan to maintain and increase LDMC membership.  Lead by Matt Nolan, our Membership Committee Chair located in China, the Executive Committee worked in cooperation with ACC staff to create four new template member outreach letters for new ACC members, new LDMC members, lapsed ACC members, and members expressing an interest in further involvement with the LDMC.  These letters have led to an increase in LDMC membership along with positive feedback from members directly.  LDMC is on track to achieve its highest membership number ever this year.

2.  Adoption of “Leadership” as a primary theme.  The LDMC’s Annual Meeting program in October 2014 entitled, “What Makes Smart Lawyers Fail? How to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence - and Increase Your Impact”, which was organized by our new Vice-Chair Stephen Roth, was the most highly attended program for the ACC at the Annual Meeting.  As a result, the Executive Committee identified this overwhelming attendance as reflective of a strong member need for more resources focused on softer skills like emotional intelligence and executive presence.  In response the Executive Committee formally adopted “Leadership”, one of the LDMC’s core competencies of Leadership, Strategy and Operations, as the primary theme for the year. Our first decision in support of this theme was to strengthen our support of law department leaders by appointing Larry Parsons, as our newly-created Subcommittee Chair, to serve as a liaison to members on GC/CLO issues.  This position helps support the needs of law department leaders through regularly scheduled updates at meetings and by acting as a liaison for members to the ACC GC/CLO resources.  To further support our Leadership theme through substantive member resources we developed 3 Legal Quick Hits on the topics of negotiation, presentation skills, and diversity and inclusion thanks to the work of Jason Reyes and our sponsor, Seyfarth Shaw.  In cooperation with Seyfarth Shaw, our Communications Co-chairs, Kendrick Royer and Tiffany McCoy, also developed webinars on Leadership topics such as: what it takes to be a General Counsel and how to utilize metrics in the law department.  Moreover, each of our three newsletters focused on the leadership themes in the Chair’s Message and Member Spotlight.

3.  Increased communication with LDMC global stakeholders.  The LDMC sought to improve communication amongst its leaders and with its members about the ACC resources, LDMC activities, and law department management issues globally.  We created a packet of Executive Committee Biographies to share amongst the leaders to learn more about each other.  Leaders also held an orientation session for four new Executive Committee members to explain the ACC and LDMC structure and expectation for leaders.  We formulated a New Welcome Packet for Executive Committee Members which will be useful for new members this year.  As a result, our orientation session and Welcome Packet have been adopted by the ACC for all committees in 2016.  We increased ACC staff participation in Executive Committee meetings by inviting key ACC personnel to share information on the Docket and other writing opportunities, Legal Operations Section, Membership, and GC/CLO resources.  We have created a robust Publications Committee, led by co-chairs Jennifer Nelson and Jeffrey Brown, which created 4 newsletters highlighting LDMC resources and events.  We have created one subcommittee in the Publications Committee to track and communicate opportunities to write for the Docket and another subcommittee to examine blogging as a way to further communicate globally with members.  We continued to offer global programming through two EMEA Webcasts—one on global diversity and the other on inclusion and strategic investing. Finally, we routinely focused on global themes in all of our resources during the past year—whether it was a multijurisdictional guide, challenges facing multinational employers, managing the international law department, a global view of diversity, or FCPA compliance, our topics were relevant to today’s in house counsel working across borders.

It’s hard to believe but many new ideas were generated at the Annual Meeting in Boston for 2016.  I look forward to all the exciting possibilities for the 2015-16 team lead by our most capable Chairperson Steve Mashal.  I am thrilled to continue to be part of this best in class committee and develop more great resources for our members.

Stephanie Lambert, Associate General Counsel, Staples, Inc., LDMC Immediate Past Chair
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ACC Docket - Authorship by LDMC

Kudos to the Law Department Management Committee’s own Jennifer F. Nelson, Publications Subcommittee Co-Chairperson, who co-authored a piece for the October ACC Docket.The Article is a very practical analysis of when and how to use a “Freedom to operate” analysis or opinion. Freedom to operate analysis of a product or idea is a legal assessment of the likelihood of being sued for intellectual property infringement and if sued, the likelihood of prevailing in court.The article is available here. Just search for “Jennifer Nelson.”

Jennifer F. Nelson is Vice President, General Counsel and Head of Consumer Products Regulatory Affairs for THE MAESA GROUP.


Her co-author, Scott D. Locke is the chair of Dorf & Nelson’s intellectual property department. Email:

Jeff Brown, Associate General Counsel, TELUS International, LDMC Publications Subcommittee Co-Chair

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Sponsor Highlight
Seyfarth Shaw LLP

LDMC members:

Hello LDMC members:  We’re only a few weeks into the fall season and already there’s been exciting LDMC activities:

On September 30, we presented a 60-minute moderated dialog session, the third and final in our Trio series of webcasts for 2015 - “Navigating the Contract Management Landscape.”  Three experts helped us gain a greater understanding of the rapidly evolving world of contract management solutions.  It was a wonderful opportunity to gain both strategic insight as well as some hands-on tips.

It was great to meet and mingle with so many of you at the ACC Annual Meeting in Boston.  We had a great time playing strategy games at the Legal Stratego:  A Global Game of People, Process and Strategy event.  Thanks to the team comprised of Law Department Management Committee, Harvard Law School and leading in-house counsel, we were able to sharpen our business acumen and stretch our strategic thinking and leadership skills not to mention have loads of fun matching wits with our colleagues and peers.

We also saw a number of you return on Tuesday morning for the Legal Services Management Workshop on Alternative fees. We had a lively group attend and participate in a fee negotiation, along with great presenters on alternative fee structures. If you want further information on either program, feel free to contact Lisa Damon at or 617-946-4880.

Our cocktail reception held in conjunction with the Law Department Management Committee was a blast.  We enjoyed connecting with so many of the LDMC members both at the cocktail hour and Seyfarth Shaw booth.

Please be sure to join us on November 18, when Ron S. Zollman, Associate General Counsel, EMC Corporation, presents our next Legal Quick Hit - Trade Compliance: What Your Business Should Know - From HR, to Customer Support, to Anyone Sending Email.  During this sixty minute presentation we will be oriented to some of the export laws that may affect your company and traps for the unwary – from thinking about who you hire, to where you ship product or email technology, to what your customers are doing with your products and services.

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ACC Mid-Year Meeting - NYC

The ACC has revamped the Mid-Year Meeting for 2016.  It will now be a three-track conference offering one and a half days of intensive education aimed at senior in-house counsel.  The three tracks will be Contracts Practice, Corporate Governance and Financial Industry Compliance & Data Management.  LDMC will have two programs presented – “Engineering Change in Your Contracting Process” and “Negotiation Casting Call:  Learning Advanced Negotiation Techniques by Playing Your Part”.  We are especially excited about the Negotiation program which will be a hands on program where each participant plays the roll.

Steven Mashal, Corporate Counsel, American Council on Exercise, Chair, LDMC; and

Stephen Roth, Vice President & General Counsel, Jewelry Television, Vice-Chair LDMC

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New Executive Committee and Contact Information
WHO's WHO 2015-2016


Steven Mashal 
American Council on Exercise
Corporate Counsel 
Phone: (858) 576-6544 

Communications Co-Chair 
Nicole Normansell 
McKesson Medical-Surgical
Assistant General Counsel 
Phone: (804) 264-7770 

Publications Co-Chair 
Jeff Brown 
TELUS International
Associate General Counsel 
Phone: (303) 872-4731 

Stephen Roth 
Jewelry Television
Vice President & General Counsel 
Phone: (865) 692-2820 

GC/CLO Chair 

Kelly Slavitt

Reckitt Benckiser LLC

Vice President and  General Counsel – North America & Food

Phone: (973) 404-2435


Strategies and Operations Chair


Darren Dragovich 
Western Union, LLC
Vice President and Assistant General Counsel 
Phone: (720) 332-5711 

Membership Chair 
Matthew Nolan 
Dow Corning Corporation
Senior Counsel and Manager of Governance and Compliance for Greater China 
Phone: (989) 496-8463 

Webcasts Co-Chair 
Mark Smolik 
DHL/Exel, Inc..
Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary, Chief Compliance Officer
Phone: (614) 403-1475 

Advocacy Chair 
Todd Etzler 
Family Express Corporation
General Counsel & VP Public Affairs 
Phone: (219) 462-0144 x207 

Program Co-Chair 
Timothy Phillips 
American Cancer Society, Inc.
General Counsel 
Phone: (404) 929-6842 

Webcasts Co-Chair 

Chapter Liaison


Program Co-Chair 
Lucy Bassli 
Microsoft Corporation.
Assistant General Counsel 
Phone: (425) 707-8121

Immediate Past Chair 
Stephanie Lambert 
Staples, Inc.
Managing Counsel 
Phone: (508) 253-2035 

Communications Co-Chair 
Jason Reyes 
EMC Corporation
Assistant General Counsel - IP 
Phone: (508) 435-1000 

Publications Co-Chair 
Jennifer Nelson 
Maesa LLC
Vice President and General Counsel 
Phone: 212-674-5555 ext 404 


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GC/CLO Resources

The ACC has just published two reports on the legal and business concerns of CLOs in Canada and CLOs in Europe.  You can find them by clicking on the appropriate link listed below:


Canada here:


Europe here:


These reports show the similarities and differences of CLOs from these regions.


Kelly Slavitt, Vice President and General Counsel - North America & Food,Reckitt Benckiser LLC, LDMC GC/CLO Chair
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LDMC Membership Updates

LDMC Committee membership statistics update for November 2015:

December 31, 2015 Membership goal: 6,583 members

November 3, 2015 Membership YTD: 6,301 (up 72 from October)


To reach our goal, we need to grow ~141 members/month through December.


Our October gain was identical to our November gain, 72 members.  We need a big end-of-year push to hit our 6% growth target for the year; I’ll plan to propose new membership targets to the team in early 2016 (possibly with revised October to October targets vs. December to December).  I’m also working with ACC to get more real-time stats on our committee calls so that we can track those more actively as well, but if you each get one additional lawyer (out of ACC’s 40,000) to join the call each month, we’ll shatter our goals.


Matthew J. Nolan 蓝慕天, Senior Counsel, Manager of Governance and Compliance, Dow Corning, Greater China – Membership Chair, LDMC
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Ready to Volunteer?

The Law Department Management Committee still has availability for members to volunteer, so if you wish to volunteer your services for any of the LDMC activities/events, please email or call Steven Mashal at phone: (858) 576-6544, email:

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LDMC Chair: Steven Mashal

LDMC Secretary: Darren Dragovich             

Editor-in-Chief: Jennifer F. Nelson, Esq. 

Vice President and General Counsel, Maesa LLC

LDMC Publications Subcommittee Co-Chairperson


Jeff Brown, Esq.

Associate General Counsel, TELUS International

LDMC Publications Subcommittee Co-Chairperson

Jason M. Brocks, Esq.

Assistant General Counsel, Benecard
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